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Block Paving Sealing

Many homeowners in Shropshire are finding it increasingly difficult to keep their block paved driveways and patios free from surface growth such as algae and weeds. This has in turn created an increase in demand for block paving sealants to help minimise this ever present problem.

The benefits of sealing the block paving with a high quality paving sealant are considerable and definitely worth the extra investment. The block paving sealants we use in Shropshire are supplied to us by Smartseal, one of the UK's leading sealant manufacturers. Once applied, these can dramatically reduce the hours you spend trying to keep your paving free from weeds and other forms of surface growth.

See what sealing the block paving can do:

  • Restricts surface growth (Moss, Lichen, Algae)
  • Reduces time spent on maintenance
  • Reduces colour loss from exposure to the sun
  • Makes oil and grease removal easier
  • Helps prevent movement of the block paving

Please look at our gallery showing images of block paving that we have sealed.

For more information on block paving sealing in the Shropshire area, please call 0800 988 0348 or make an online enquiry.