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Imprinted Concrete

If you have a pattern imprinted Concrete driveway or patio, you were probably sold on the idea that it is much easier to maintain than block paving. Although it is very hard wearing and durable, it can deteriorate like any other paved surface if not maintained properly.

With exposure to sunlight it will lose some colour over time, and general wear will eventually lead to 'lighter' areas developing where most 'traffic' occurs. It can get so bad that the bare concrete becomes very visible if not enough sealant has been applied from the outset.

Driveway Cleaning Shropshire have a great deal of expertise in the restoration and repair of all types of imprinted concrete surfaces. We can re-seal and re-colour if necessary and make them look very similar to how they were when first installed.

The process of cleaning and sealing the imprinted concrete is generally done over a two day period:-

Day 1. The concrete is pressure cleaned and allowed to dry off.

Day 2. The surface is sealed with Smartseal imprinted concrete sealer and re-tinted if necessary. 

See our image gallery of imprinted concrete refurbishment.

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